Mystery Shopping for Restaurants

From the reservation call to the farewell when leaving, measure the entire diner’s experience.

The quest for excellence

Word of mouth is still the primary marketing tool. One poor dining experience can easily result in no-repeat visits by the entire ‘village’, the ‘village’ being their family, friends, or business colleagues. After all, don’t we talk about our good and bad experiences?

The challenge is to ensure every diner entering your restaurant receives attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable service in ambient surroundings, to win them over and retain their custom, and by extension, win over their entire ‘village’ by word of mouth.

Restaurant loyalty is earned by consistently delivering the best dining experience; if not, your competitors who always offer that excellent experience will welcome your diners.

We will provide the answers

Our Brand Support Mystery Shopping reports provide definitive measurement of the support your Brand is receiving from your retailer clients. This unique service will assist you greatly when deciding support fund allocations in terms of advertising, promotional, and rebate levels afforded to your retail clients.

We provide a full set of location results, and consolidated results, for your Brand and any competitor brands you may choose to compare with.

As an example, your company is ‘Apple’, and you support retail outlets with product discounts, display collateral and rebates to fund their advertising promotions. Your expectations are that the retailer is supporting your Brand and not promoting a competitor brand ‘possible Samsung’, more so than your Brand.

To be armed with the facts, you need our Mystery Shopping Brand Support reporting to measure in detail the level of support given to your Brand as compared to others.

The first step to excellence is measuring your offer to target the improvements needed to deliver that special dining experience, on a consistent basis. Our customised Mystery Diner reports covers the following and much more.
  • Reservation call – Covers timeliness of call answer, compliance with greeting script, and efficiency of making the booking.
  • Friendliness – Covers the attitude of all staff members diner interacted with? – what was said on the reservation call and all approaches after entering the restaurant.
  • Housekeeping and hygiene – describe the cleanliness of the restaurant, from the floors to the food displays and the cutlery and crockery at the table. It also describes the level of dress, grooming and presentation of all staff members and whether vacated tables are cleared in a timely fashion.
  • Specials – describes what, if anything was said about the ‘specials ‘on the day.
  • Ordering the meal – describes the ordering sequence of events, what was offered at each course, including the wait times for each course and drinks.
  • Add-Ons – describes what drinks, sides, entrees, desserts, hot beverages, wines etc. were suggested, also how often further drinks were offered
  • Meal presentations, freshness and taste – describes the presentation and taste of each course and whether it met diners’ expectations.
  • Beyond expectations – detailed commentary on every facet of the experience, including those little but important things that stood out, i.e. chocolate presented with your coffee, staff attentiveness etc.
Your helping hand

KPI Mystery Shopping delivers quality Mystery Shopping reporting across Australia, New Zealand, and SE Asia. Our offering is a standout in terms of accuracy, unrivalled detail, and value for money.

Our Mystery Shopping reports measure the consistency of the diner’s experience, encompassing customer courtesy, presentation and selling skills, plus detailed narratives that capture those nuances that make the dining experience special.

Our Mystery Diner reports feature detailed narratives for each stage of the dining experience, from the reservation phone call to the farewell given as they left the restaurant and all that happened in-between. 

Individual checkpoint compliance scoring, coupled with detailed narratives that capture the experience for each part of the dining experience, is supported by highly communicative KPI metrics. This unique feedback lays the platform for building the best dining experience. 

With KPI Mystery Shopping, you will be on track to deliver that V.I.P dining experience, with the consistency of offer resulting in lasting loyalty to your restaurants.

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