Mystery Shopping for Real Estate

Real estate is a high stakes market and to be successful you need to gain the edge by Identifying gaps in the selling process and consistency of offer.

Check out this sample of a thorough Mystery Shopping report for Real Estate Agencies and Development Sales Centres.

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The benefit of Mystery Shopping for Real Estate Agencies

Capitalising on every opportunity is crucial in the highly competitive real estate market. Each visitor to an open house or sales centre represents potential revenue. How your sales teams handle these interactions significantly impacts your agency’s ability to secure higher sales prices and, consequently, more substantial commissions.

Mystery shopping is pivotal in this dynamic because it provides detailed and unbiased feedback on customer service interactions. This allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your sales strategies from a potential client’s perspective.

Mystery shopping offers key advantages

  • Improved Customer Service Quality: It identifies service strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to enhance training to boost client satisfaction and business growth.
  • Increased Sales Conversion Rates: Fine-tune your sales team interactions to better convert inquiries into sales.
  • Enhanced Training & Personal Development: Use our detailed feedback to customise training, ensuring your sales teams master effective customer interactions.
  • Boosted Agent and Agency Commission: Enhancing service quality and sales conversions will naturally elevate commissions, aligning team efforts with financial goals and fostering a motivated workforce.
  • Competitive Advantage: We provide critical insights into customer engagement strategies. Allowing you to implement the findings to enhance client interactions

Mystery shopping not only gathers insights but also guides actionable improvements:

  • Tailored Feedback for Immediate Action: This type of feedback directs managers to specific areas needing improvement, facilitating swift enhancements in service and interactions.
  • Scenario Training: Uses documented scenarios and situations for agent training, better preparing them for real-life client interactions.
  • Developing a Client-Centric Approach: Highlights agents’ understanding of client needs, encouraging a focused approach to client priorities.
  • Performance Reviews & Incentives: Integrates mystery shopping results into performance evaluations and incentive programs, motivating agents towards excellence.
  • Strategic Adjustments Based on Trends: Utilise trends from mystery shopping data for informed staffing, training, and marketing decisions to attract more potential clients.

Gain the edge, the questions we answer for you:

  • Was the property presented attractively and professionally?
  • Was the sales associate professionally presented, well-groomed, and wearing appropriate business attire?
  • Were clients acknowledged promptly after entering the property or sales office with either a smile or a greeting?
  • Were clients approached in a timely manner after entering the property or sales office and engaged in conversation?
  • Did they offer their name and ask clients for theirs during the conversation?
  • Did they ask how the client had heard about the property?
  • Did they come across as being genuinely friendly and sincere?
  • Did they treat the client with respect, leaving them feeling valued?
  • Did they listen attentively to the client’s requirements and demonstrate this by the relevancy of their responses and suggestions?
  • Did they ask open and probing questions to ascertain the client’s specific requirements?
  • Did they ask insightful follow-up questions that challenged the client’s original requirements and presented them with further considerations?
  • Did they ask qualifying questions about the client’s financial position subtly and professionally?
  • Did they comment positively about the property’s floor plan, size, interior, exterior etc.?
  • Did they speak with enthusiasm about the desirability of the property’s location and the location itself?
  • Did they comment positively about the property’s value and growth potential?
  • Did they suggest a financial institution that could perhaps assist with financing the purchase?
  • Did they seek confirmation that the property had met the clients’ requirements by asking a series of closed questions?
  • Did they ask for the client’s contact details?
  • Did they offer floor plans and other property literature?
  • Did they offer to show the client other properties that suited their requirements?
  • Did they promptly follow up by contacting via email or telephone after the client viewed the property?
The stakes are high, as your Mystery Shopping provider we will have a significant impact on turning opportunities into sales. Find out who are your top performers, you might be surprised.

KPI Mystery Shopping delivers quality Mystery Shopping reporting across Australia.

Our offerings stand out in accuracy, unrivalled detail, and value for money.

We measure the potential client’s experience, encompassing courtesy, knowledge, selling skills, and all those little touches that make for a standout presentation.

We pride ourselves on offering detailed, in-line narratives for each stage of the client’s journey, from the marketing experience, the visit experience, and the follow-up.

Our checkpoint compliance scoring, coupled with our narratives, captures the experience of each part of the journey while supporting it with highly communicative KPI metrics.

This unique feedback will get you on track to convert more enquiries into sales.

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