Mystery Shopping for Accommodation

Mystery Guest reporting is the primary measurment of guest satisfaction and provides the foundation for brand loyalty and return visits.

The challenge is to put your best foot forward to keep guests coming back

One poor guest experience can easily result in no-repeat visits by the entire ‘village’, the ‘village’ being their family, friends, or business colleagues. After all, don’t we talk about our good and bad experiences? Word of mouth is still the primary marketing tool. The challenge is ensuring every guest staying at your locations receives attentive, friendly service, to win them over and retain their custom, and to win over their entire ‘village’ by word of mouth.

Brand loyalty can only be earned by consistently delivering the best guest experience; otherwise, competitors who offer that V.I.P experience will welcome your customers.

We will support you in meeting the challenge

KPI Mystery Shopping delivers quality Mystery Guest reporting across Australia, New Zealand, and SE Asia. Our offering is a standout in terms of accuracy, unrivalled detail, and value for money.

Our Mystery Guest reports measure the consistency of the guest experience, encompassing guest courtesy, housekeeping, and all those little touches that make the guest experience special.

Our Mystery Guest reports feature detailed narratives for each stage of the guest’s journey, from the booking experience, the check-in experience, and the housekeeping experience, to the checkout experience and an overall summary of the stay.

Our mystery guests seek conversations and assistance from reception, maintenance, housekeeping, and food & beverage staff to discover the authentic guest experience. 

Individual checkpoint compliance scoring, coupled with detailed narratives that capture the experience for each part of the journey, are supported by highly communicative KPI metrics. This unique feedback lays the platform to build the best guest experience and keep them returning. 

With KPI Mystery Shopping, you will be on track to consistently deliver that V.I.P guest experience.

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