KPI Mystery Shopping


Measure quality, measure timeliness, measure friendliness, then measure your success.

The challenge is to consistently serve up quality food at a fast pace, at volume pricing, and with a smile to build brand loyalty.

To deliver friendly interactive service, to build rapport, to build loyalty, to achieve a sustainable loyal customer base.

To maximise the return on every purchase by, upselling to a larger size, turning one item into meal deal add-on bundle.

To attract customers with obvious cleanliness and hygiene standards in the preparation area, the display area, as well the dress and grooming standards of your team. 

One poor customer experience can easily result in no repeat visits by the entire ‘village’, the ‘village’ being their family, friends, or business colleagues. After all, don’t we all talk about our experiences, both good and bad. Word of mouth is still the primary marketing tool.

The challenge is to make sure every customer entering your outlets happy with the, attentive friendly service, happy with the quality of the food and beverages served up, all in clean and hygiene surroundings. To make them feel valued as they should be. To win them over and retain their custom, and by extension, win over their entire ‘village’ by word of mouth.

Brand loyalty is earned by consistently delivering the best customer service experience, if not, your competitors who deliver that V.I.P experience will welcome your customers, and with the consistency of delivering that V.I.P level of customer service, keep them.

We will support you in meeting the challenge

KPI Mystery Shopping delivers quality Mystery Shopping reporting across Australia, New Zealand, and SE Asia. Our offering is a standout in terms of accuracy, unrivalled detail, and value for money.

Our Mystery Shopping reports, measure the consistency of the customer experience, encompassing customer courtesy, presentation and selling skills, plus detailed narratives that capture those nuances that make the customer experience special.

Our Mystery Shopping reports feature detailed narratives for each stage of the customers visit, from the greeting, the selling interaction, to the introduction of add-ons to build the purchase, and all stages in-between. 

Individual checkpoint compliance scoring, coupled with detailed narratives that capture each part of the experience, and supported by highly communicative KPI metrics, creates the foundation to build the best customer experience. 

With KPI Mystery Shopping you will be on track to deliver that V.I.P customer experience, with the consistency of offer resulting in lasting loyalty to your Brand.

Would you like a sample?

Arrange a complimentary mystery shopping report. Whilst our reports are fully customisable, your complimentary report to start will be our detailed Fast Food generic report. No fee is payable other than the reimbursement for any purchases made if required by you decide are necessary to enhance feedback.