Frequently asked questions about Mystery Shopping

Here is what you need to know


You will be a person with an eye for detail, have good recall, be accurate and consistent and be able to articulate your experience.

Basically, you will approach the assignment as an ‘average’ shopper, in order to capture the ‘average’ customer experience. The brief will vary from client to client but in essence it’s about interacting with the staff, giving them the opportunity to greet you, approach you, ask questions and in most cases, how they go about finding you your target product before suggesting extra items, and ultimately closing the sale.

In exchange for your feedback, we pay you a fee, as well as reimburse you up to a set amount if the brief requires a purchase.

Fees vary depending on the type of survey conducted, the time a survey takes to complete and other variables.

We pride ourselves on being a company that strives to provide the very best reporting for our clients by properly rewarding our shoppers for their accurate and consistent reporting.

For many years we have had the reputation of paying our shoppers close to double the fee our competitors pay. Payment along with reimbursements, if required, is paid within 30 days of submitting your report.

Your application will be assessed by our team and if approved, we will email you to arrange a time for a short phone call to chat about your application. (Note, at times we may have enough mystery shoppers in your area in which case we will keep your approved application on file and contact you when positions open up).

The next step will be your onboarding which will give you access to assignments in your area, or further afield if that suits you.

You will be on our system as an independent contractor, free to accept assignments from other Mystery Shopping companies, and in fact we encourage you to do so and make the most of your skills.

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