Brand Support Mystery Shopping

Measuring to what degree retailers promote your products compared to your competitor's products.

Which retail chains are supporting your Brand?

  • Is your rebate advertising support being respected and of benefit to you?
  • Are your promotional offers being supported by their sales teams?
  • Are salespersons skilled up on your brand?
  • Do salespersons have a bias towards competitor brands?
  • Are stores effectively utilising the display collateral you have provided them with?
We will provide the answers

Our Brand Support Mystery Shopping reports provide definitive measurement of the support your Brand is receiving from your retailer clients. This unique service will assist you greatly when deciding support fund allocations in terms of advertising, promotional, and rebate levels afforded to your retail clients.

We provide a full set of location results, and consolidated results, for your Brand and any competitor brands you may choose to compare with.

As an example, your company is ‘Apple’, and you support retail outlets with product discounts, display collateral and rebates to fund their advertising promotions. Your expectations are that the retailer is supporting your Brand and not promoting a competitor brand ‘possible Samsung’, more so than your Brand.

To be armed with the facts, you need our Mystery Shopping Brand Support reporting to measure in detail the level of support given to your Brand as compared to others.

Benefits of Mystery Shopping Brand Support reporting:
  • An external unbiased measurement of the ‘real’ support being given to your Brand as compared to other brands, in as many locations as you choose.
  • Leverage when negotiating trading terms with retailers.
  • Leverage when reviewing promotional and advertising support requests.
  • Identifying training requirements for your Brand within the retail outlets.
  • As the results belong to you, it’s at your discretion as to whether you want to divulge any of the report information to your retailers.
Knowing is the key to growing

KPI Mystery Shopping delivers quality Mystery Shopping Brand Support reporting across Australia, and New Zealand. Our offering is a standout in terms of accuracy, unrivalled detail, and value for money.

You decide on the scenario and specific product you would like to test. Our field operatives familiarise themselves with the target product, the deliver the scenario then quiz the salespeople on the target product. Do the salespeople promote your product or a competitor product? do they demonstrate adequate knowledge of your target product?

Our Mystery Shopping Brand Support reporting features detailed narratives on every aspect of the selling process and use of display collateral in store.   

Individual checkpoint compliance scoring, coupled with detailed narratives capture the experience for each part of the sales process, and all supported by highly communicative KPI metrics.

Our unique feedback gives a clear snapshot of how your Brand is being supported by your retail clients.

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