• Typically, as retailers or accommodation providers you measure sales or yield results and related KPI’s by the hour/day. How often, if at all, do you measure the source of those figures? That being your team interacting with your customers or guests.
  • With the right provider, a Mystery Shopping program can be the most effective way of measuring presentation, customer service and the selling skills practiced by your team, because it is viewed from your customers or guest’s perspective.
  • Only through Mystery Shopping report feedback will you be able to precisely target what remedial training and coaching is required i.e. you might make the surprising discovery that only 1 in 5 of your customers are being acknowledged, or that your team are asking for the sale or suggesting an upgrade to guests on only 10% of the occasions where an opportunity was there to do so.
  • Business is tough, competitors match you on location, range, price and services, you need an edge and that edge is your team performing at an optimum level.
  • Mystery Shopping reports is an important business tool to measure performance KPI’s for your team leaders and their teams.
  • When you compare the costs of an effective Mystery Shopping report program to the sales revenue gains from your teams improved performance from the resulting targeted remedial training, you will come to the conclusion that having a Mystery Shopping program in place is simply good business.
  • Effective Mystery Shopping programs are cost positive to your business.


Retail Mystery Shopping

The emergency, online shopping is eating your lunch! – Dial 1300 911 555 for KPI Mystery Shopping to help you turn back the clock

Did you know that 10 bricks & mortar customers in the 80’s equates to just 1 walk in customer today? – this highlights just how vital each customer entering your stores is to your future prosperity

How do you make sure that each and every customer receives that special service commensurate with their importance to the success of your business? – The answer is mystery shopping, to measure the level of customer courtesy afforded to each and every customer, to measure the selling skills that ensure each and every customer exits with the products that consciously or sub-consciously brought them into the store in the first place – The answer is KPI Mystery Shopping

Accommodation Mystery Shopping

One poor guest experience can result in no repeat visits to the hotel and possibly visits to the whole chain by their whole village – everyone has a ‘village’ of family, friends and business colleagues the ‘village principal’ they tell about their experience, both good and bad

Is brand loyalty being recognised and rewarded? – If not, rest assured competitors who deliver the VIP experience will ‘port’ your guests

How do you make sure each and every guest experience a memorable one? – The answer is Mystery Shopping reports, to measure the consistency of customer courtesy, housekeeping, and those little touches that make the experience special – The answer is KPI Mystery Shopping

Accommodation Mystery Shop

Mystery Shopping for Wholesalers

Which retail chains or individual stores are supporting your brand? – Are you wasting money on advertising support and promotional offers to those not supporting your brand?

While orders placed are an indication of retailers support of your brand, do you really know if the orders placed are commensurate with the sales growth of the chain or individual stores?

Are salespersons skilled up on your brand? – Do salespersons have a bias towards competitor brands? – Are stores utilising the display collateral you have provided for them?

These questions can be answered by KPI Mystery Shopping Brand Mystery Shopping reports

The Risk in using ‘Check Box/limited commentary’ style Mystery Shopping reports