Mystery shopping provides the only true measurement of the effectiveness of your customer service offering

Knowing, rather than assuming training initiatives are being executed with consistency on the front line is vital to your business prosperity.

Mystery Shopping, a path to prosperity

What is Mystery Shopping?

  • Mystery shopping is a business tool used by progressive retailers, accommodation providers, consumer delivery services, fast food, restaurants, real estate, government service sectors and many other entities to measure staff performance in relation to meeting expected standards.
  • Trained mystery shoppers present as customers whilst discreetly evaluating team performance in areas such as Presentation, Customer Courtesy, Selling Skills, Product Knowledge, and Compliance.
  • Mystery shoppers report on a customised set of weighted questions, including a detailed narrative, to capture the experience.
  • Mystery shopping reporting can be utilised for location visits, phone calls, monitoring emails/web forms, and combinations of all of these.

Our analytics

  • We provide true real-time data mining of your results, not just stagnant PDF reports as most providers do.
  • With our dynamic platform you can interact directly with the results, query results if revision you feel a revision is required, add staff member names to reports for individual performance analysis, and many other functions.

Advantages of our Mystery Shopping program

Aussie Based, Global Reach

We are an Australian company offering global coverage, with our primary focus being Australia and New Zealand & Singapore.

25+ Years Experience

Experience the difference, with over 25 years measuring and discovering ways of improving customer service for our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality mystery shopping reporting at an entry level price. This business model allows for strong organic growth based on volume driven by value.

The Best People

Our well-trained shoppers are incentivised to take their assignments seriously and deliver accurate, unbiased reports. We value our shoppers, paying them on average twice the rate of our competitors which results in quality reporting. We absorb the extra payout, it does not reflect in the final costs to clients, in fact we encourage potential clients to ask our competitors what percentage of the fee finds its way back to the shoppers, ours is on average 45%.

Expansive Narratives

Our expansive narrative details every facet of the interaction between the shopper and team members and provides all important context to the scoring. The resulting feedback along with a customised set of checkpoint outcomes from which the visit is scored, allows for targeted training and a tangible driver of increased revenue and or market presence, and presents ideas for seeking a point of difference with your competitors.

Real Time Business Tool

Our reports are a real time business tool for gathering information on staff performance, in your business as well as your competitors, if you choose to do so, including their customer service focus, how they operate, any promotional activity, to capture what they do well giving you the opportunity to equal or better.

KPI - Our Name & Game

Key Performance Indicators is built into our company name and DNA, as it is our primary focus in delivering accurate highly statistical reporting as a foundation to better customer service performance.

Real Measurements

Our reporting provides real measurement to support targeted remedial training to improve staff performance, resulting in an increase in both revenue and market image.

Access Hierarchy

Our platform allows for the setting of an access hierarchy, from the manager of a location having access only to their location report, to the CEO having access to all reporting.

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