We custom built our own Mystery Shopping Platform.

No more static reporting, now you can picture your results from all angles, data mine both yours and competitor results from macro to micro, with full customisation.

The Next Generation Mystery Shopping Platform

At last, Australia has a dynamic Mystery Shopping platform with real time data mining capability, that gives you vital information on your customers experience, and all just a few clicks away.

A platform developed in-house, by an experienced mystery shopping company for tried and tested reporting options, tailored to your exact feedback requirements.

A dashboard designed by you, show exactly what you want to see, could be total results or sectional results graphically demonstrated with dynamic hover over mouse controls for further detailed information, could be top 10 location results, could be top 10 staff performers, in fact it could be any analysis aspect you choose to be front and centre on the opening page for a quick performance snapshot.

Detailed reports that come alive with dynamic scoring

  • Overall results are shown graphically, along with detailed mouse over dynamics which reveal percentage scoring for the specific location as well as the entire campaigns consolidated result in real time.
  • Macro results, depicted as Thread results, are shown graphically along with a supporting table showing how the specific location is fairing compared to the real time consolidated campaign results for each individual Thread, along with indicators showing the result variation compared to the previous campaign.
  • Detailed sectional narratives give all important context to the scoring outcomes.
  • Sectional scores show point scores as well as the overall sectional percentage results.
  • Micro results, the Individual checkpoints, are listed along with the maximum score that could have been achieved.
  • For quick reference, checkpoint results are colour coded red if maximum points were not achieved.

Have detailed analysis at your fingertips

  • Compare the results at a micro level of individual checkpoint outcomes, right through to macro result averages, including presentation, customer courtesy, selling skills, accuracy, plus overall results.
Frequently Asked Questions

Choose customised groupings to your specific feedback requirements

  • Your choice in group selections to compare team member to team member, location to location, state to state, regional manager to regional manager, basically as many groupings as you like.
  • Monitor results in real time as they are uploaded, see how many locations have been visited in the current campaign, or how results are trending compared to previous campaigns.

Compare your results to your competitors

  • Compare detailed results of yours and any competitors you included in your campaign
  • Compare your results with real averages of competitors in your market segment.
  • Show detailed results of your current campaign, compared with previous campaigns or period averages.

Take control of your platform

  • Add or deactivate staff member profiles including photos and the multiple locations they may work at.
  • See current and progressive staff results, creating a built-in performance management system.
  • You can replace location reports already uploaded with re-do or multiple reports requests for the same location, all at the click of a link.
  • Create PDFs of any detailed location report or any analysis pages, as well as export data directly to a spreadsheet.  

Great now, always evolving!

  • Unlike other mystery shopping providers, we do not rely on a third-party platform developer, so the changes you need in the reporting will be delivered in a quick time.
  • Every additional reporting request from clients is built into our platform for the benefit of all our clients, resulting in ever-evolving functionality and reporting enhancements.
  • We launch new features across the platform every couple of months, and in almost all situations, will be applicable to all previously stored results!
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