In conjunction with our ‘One-on-One’ Retail Business Coaching we offer expert guidance on almost every facet of the retail business. Be it, site selection for a new store right through to remodelling a mature business and everything in between, we are there to offer guidance and expert support. We take guesswork and trial by error out of the equation and replace it with practical cost effective solutions and the knowledge which only comes from decades of retail experience.

Our Specialised Consultancy Services include:

Business Planning

Creating a business model, selecting the right site, negotiating a fair lease, setting budgets, margin management and ongoing business analysis.

Merchandise Management

Market analysis, buying plans, category management, OTB controls, and stock control.

Team Performance Management

Team recognition systems, performance based incentive systems.

Store Set-up

Shop design, product segmentation, visual merchandising. Marketing – strategy, local and national campaigns, internal marketing, measurement & tracking.

Store Operations and Systems

Policies & procedures, self-management systems, recruitment, staff performance management.

Other Business Support services including, but not limited to

Price Surveys, Market Research, Merchandising, Promotional Launches, Product Support and Time & Motion Studies.

Specialised Consultancy

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