Effective Training is achieved when information given, and strategies taught in Training sessions are retained by the team resulting in improved performance. For Training to be effective, two critical elements need to be in place.

  • Firstly, the Training must be customised to your business; if the Training is generic, your team will take minimal ownership of it, pay lip service to it and doubt its relevance to their business.
  • Secondly, Training outcomes need to be consistently measured to ensure that lessons learned are continuously put into practice.

Our most popular Training programs ‘Customer Service Basics’ and ‘Advanced Selling Skills’ are typically delivered in tandem. These programs have been developed in-house and in their generic form is the basis from where we build your fully customised programs.

Typically, we would meet with you for your input before spending time in a location of your choice to fully understand your business and put forward a preliminary Training program.

If we are your incumbent Mystery Shopping provider, all meetings and store visits, as well as the writing of your customised Training programs will be complimentary. All you will pay for will be the Training sessions themselves.

Typically, our training sessions are conducted after hours on the premises. Neighbouring stores are included primarily to keep the costs down but with the added bonus of giving team members an opportunity to catch-up and put faces to the names of the people they speak to everyday on the phone.

As the Training is conducted in familiar surroundings, with ‘live’ merchandise/situations being used in various role-plays, the relevance of the Training is embraced, ownership is taken, and retention rates are high. There is the added bonus of saving on venue hire; we always do our best to keep the costs down.

As team members are made aware at the outset of Training sessions that outcomes will be continuously measured through a Mystery Shopping program, they will pay greater attention at the Training sessions. The relevance of the training material results in high retention rates from team members which in turn equates to improved performance on the trading floor and all at a budget price.

KPI Mystery Shopping supply the measurement, Mystery Shopping, for Training programs the client may already have in place. We familiarise ourselves with the nuances of the incumbent Training program and ensure check point outcomes are perfect. This provides ongoing measurement of the team members’ compliance to the Training outcomes.

Key features of this service include:

Fully Customised Training Programs

After visiting and understanding the nuances of your operation we write customised Training programs which inspire your team to embrace the Training outcomes due to their relevance to the business.

Delivered on premises

Dynamic Training sessions can be conducted after hours on the premises with ‘live’ merchandise/situations used as props in role-plays to add further relevance and training retention to the program.


As expert providers of Mystery Shopping programs we are uniquely placed to measure the effectiveness of the training and specifically target areas of noncompliance that require remedial training.

Cost Efficient

As with all of our services, we are dedicated to providing the best training programs at the keenest possible price.

Effective Training Programs

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