Typically, consultants advise you on what they think you should do … Our Retail Business Coaches advise you on what needs to be done then assist you to do it…after all, talk without action remains just talk with nothing ever changing.

Our ‘One-to-One’ Effective Business Coaching is a premium service to assist owners and managers to maximise their business opportunities. Everyone needs a coach, i.e. elite athletes employ coaches as they recognise the need for someone to keep them focused whilst guiding and mentoring them to improved performances.

The closer you are to your business the blinder you become, in retail this is known as store blindness. By way of an analogy, it’s like looking at a painting with our nose touching it; you are simply too close to see the whole picture. In the fast-paced retail and accommodation environment there is precious little time to take a step back and observe what’s really happening in the business and what opportunities are being wasted.

With your focus on the operational necessities which drive you through the day you simply don’t have the luxury of being able to step off the treadmill long enough to set in motion those projects you know will improve the business. That’s where KPI Mystery Shopping will make a difference.

As we are retail / accommodation professionals, with vast experience covering many facets of business, we will rapidly sum up your business and make practical cost efficient recommendations for immediate improvement. Typically, we would make ourselves available to project manage the improvements allowing you the time to continue with your day-to-day priorities.

We welcome mentoring owners and managers who are ‘new’ to retail or hospitality. With the support of our experience and passion for your business we help to avoid the costly pitfalls that befall new players to the industry through ongoing training and support. With our Retail Business Coaching services there are no contracts; simply, we are available by the hour as required at very affordable rates, “you ring, we bring”

Our Effective Business Coaching Program

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