Other related services include a unique outsourced store supervision service know as O.P.S (Operational Preparedness Standard), One-on-One Retail Business Coaching and a range of in-house developed training programs designed to be relevant to those front line staff interacting with customers or guests on a daily basis. Training programs include customer service, advanced selling skills, and other client specific training programs.

O.P.S (Operational Preparedness Standard) Program

  • Are your stores ready to trade to their full potential?
  • Are your multi or single site supervisors consistently covering the business basics
  • Is there consistency in store visit feedback?
  • Is there bias? Can you believe everything you are told by your supervision team?
  • Can you afford not to know the exact standard of each store’s operational preparedness?

If you answered YES to only some of these questions it is time to consider O.P.S.

Specialised Consultancy Services

In conjunction with our ‘One-on-One’ Retail Business Coaching we offer expert guidance on almost every facet of the retail business. Be it, site selection for a new store right through to remodelling a mature business and everything in between, we are there to offer guidance and expert support.

We take guesswork and trial by error out of the equation and replace it with practical cost effective solutions and the knowledge which only comes from decades of retail experience.

Effective Training

Effective Training is achieved when information given, and strategies taught in Training sessions are retained by the team resulting in improved performance. For Training to be effective, two critical elements need to be in place.

  • Firstly, the Training must be customised to your business; if the Training is generic, your team will take minimal ownership of it, pay lip service to it and doubt its relevance to their business.
  • Secondly, Training outcomes need to be consistently measured to ensure that lessons learned are continuously put into practice.

Effective Business Coaching

Typically, consultants advise you on what they think you should do … Our Retail Business Coaches advise you on what needs to be done then assist you to do it…after all, talk without action remains just talk with nothing ever changing.

Our ‘One-to-One’ Effective Business Coaching is a premium service to assist owners and managers to maximise their business opportunities. Everyone needs a coach, i.e. elite athletes employ coaches as they recognise the need for someone to keep them focused whilst guiding and mentoring them to improved performances.

Performance Management Programs

This key service assists retailers/hoteliers to performance manage their teams to greater productivity and results through customised incentive schemes.

It is important to recognise those team members who consistently deliver winning performances and ensure you retain their services.

Our unique and ‘fun’ incentive schemes are fundamental in maximising store sales productivity.