Which retail chains or individual stores are supporting your brand? – Are you wasting money on advertising support and promotional offers to those not supporting your brand?

While orders placed are an indication of retailers support of your brand, do you really know if the orders placed are commensurate with the sales growth of the chain or individual stores?

Are salespersons skilled up on your brand? – Do salespersons have a bias towards competitor brands? – Are stores utilising the display collateral you have provided for them?

These questions can be answered by KPI Mystery Shopping Brand Mystery Shopping reports  

Our Brand Support Mystery Shopping reports provide definitive measurement of the degree of support your brand is receiving from your retailer clients.

This unique service will assist you greatly when deciding support fund allocation in terms of advertising, promotional and rebate levels to your retailer clients.

We provide a full set of analysis reports showing individual outlet results along with consolidated chain results for you to compare.

As an example, your company ‘ let’s say Apple’, support retail outlets with product discounts, display collateral and more than likely give rebates to fund there advertising campaigns. However unbeknown to you your support is not appreciated as the retailer is promoting another brand, for example ‘let’s say Samsung’.

For your own piece of mind, you need a Mystery Shopping Brand Support reporting program to find out what level of support is being given to your brand.

Our clients attest to us having the best Mystery Shopping programs in the Australian and New Zealand market.  When evaluated side by side with other Mystery Shopping providers, the KPI Mystery Shopping offering is the standout in terms of accuracy, unrivalled detail and all-important value for money.

Each Mystery Shopping report features a detailed visit commentary of 500+ words, individual checkpoint outcome scoring, and supported by highly communicative KPI metrics depicting individual location trending over the last 12 cycles (full year based on monthly reports) for sectional as well as every checkpoint outcome on the report. Each mystery shopper is briefed on your product to test the retail store team member on their product knowledge of your brand.

At the end of each cycle consolidated group results featuring vertical and horizontal analysis is presented in a customised suite of group consolidated reports. These reports are customised to the client’s exact specifications and are designed to require little or no reworking on the part of the client, so reports can be sent directly to the executive and other stake holders.

When individual location reports are completed they are posted online and secured by password allowing for authorised access only on as many hierarchical levels as are required.

What sets KPI Mystery Shopping aside from the majority of other providers is the level of detail we put into the visit commentary for each report. The expansive narrative details every facet of the interaction between the shopper and team members during the visit. The extraordinary feedback resulting from these detailed commentaries, along with a customised set of checkpoint outcomes from which the visit is scored, makes our Mystery Shopping reports unique in the market for their superior feedback, and more importantly, when coupled with targeted training become a tangible driver of increased sales.

The quality and accuracy of our Mystery Shopping reports is another significant edge we have over other providers. This claim is based on the fact that we pay our shoppers on average 50% of the fee charged to clients. This equates to double the rate paid to shoppers by most other providers. We do this whilst keeping the overall cost to client the same if not better than most other providers. The incentivised pay rate plus the extensive training given to our Mystery Shoppers delivers the quality and accuracy we demand.

When assessing which Mystery Shopping provider is best for you we encourage you to ask the question as to what percentage of the fee is paid directly to the mystery shoppers in the field. Logic suggests that motivated and properly incentivised people will always do a better job.

Key features of our Brand Mystery Shopping includes;

What they say about your brand.

An external unbiased measurement of the ‘real’ support being given to your brands

Negotiation Power

Leverage when negotiating trading terms with retailers


Leverage when reviewing promotional and advertising support requests

Identity requirements

Identifying training requirements both internally and within the retail outlets

Analysis Reports

A full set of analysis reports showing individual outlet results along with consolidated chain results for you to compare

Own the Information

As the results belong to you, it’s at your own discretion as to whether you divulge any of the report information to the retailers

Mystery Shopping for Wholesalers

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