Mystery Shopping for Fashion Retail

Measure and adapt to the significant importance of each and every customers experience in your stores.

Finding the Keys to Success: How Mystery Shopping in Fashion Retail Can Help

Mystery shopping in fashion retail is an effective if not required strategy for gauging customer satisfaction and identifying areas for improvement. When performing a mystery shop in the fashion industry, there are numerous crucial things that we focus on.

  • Staff recommendations: Are the staff recommending proper apparel to customers? Are they familiar with the products and capable of making customised recommendations
  • Change room assistance: Are staff escorting customers to the changing room so they can try on clothes? Are they giving adequate support and ensuring that customers are at ease?
  • Add-ons: Do staff recommend appropriate add-ons to customers, such as accessories or shoes that complement the outfit they’ve selected?
  • Transaction handling: Is the transaction being handled swiftly and efficiently by the staff member? Are they offering detailed descriptions of the costs and any applicable promotions?
  • Loyalty programme promotion: Is the store’s loyalty programme actively promoted to customers? Are they ensuring that clients understand the benefits and how to join up?

In addition to reviewing your own business, we provide competitive shopping services, which allow you to compare the performance of your store to that of your competitors. You can learn what other merchants are doing successfully and where they may be falling short by sending mystery shoppers into competitor stores. This might assist you in identifying areas for improvement and making strategic decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

Our fashion retail clients acquire significant insights into the customer experience and discover areas for development by concentrating on five key areas.

Contact us today for a Free Mystery Shop. Once you have seen what we can offer, we’ll work with you to create a tailored mystery shop that will provide you with the data you need to optimise your store’s performance and remain ahead of your competition.

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