Real Estate Mystery Shopping

How to utilise a Mystery Shopper program to boost your customer’s experience and generate more sales

What is Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a business tool used by progressive retailers, accommodation providers, consumer delivery services, fast food outlets, restaurants, real estate, government service sectors, and many other entities to measure staff performance to boost the customer experience and generate more sales.

We send trained mystery shoppers to discreetly evaluate your team’s performance in areas including Presentation, Customer Courtesy, Selling Skills, Product Knowledge, and Compliance.

Once the mystery shopper has soaked in the experience, they complete a detailed survey and commentary on the mystery shop. This data is then automatically fed into our next-generation Mystery Shopping Platform for analysis.

Mystery shopping reporting can take the form of location visits, phone calls, emails and web forms monitoring, and our clients regularly request a combination of these to measure their business beyond the brick-and-mortar operation.

Why Mystery Shopping is Crucial

Ten walk-in customers in the 80s equates to just One walk-in customer by today’s standards. This ratio directly results from traditional store visits being severely impacted by the explosion of online shopping and greater competition in the marketplace. This alone demonstrates how valuable every customer is and how important it is to make the most of every opportunity to win them over.

One poor customer experience can easily result in zero repeated visits by their entire ‘village,’ their ‘village’ being their friends, family and even business colleagues. After all, when was the last time you talked about the good and bad experiences you have had? Word of mouth is and always will be your primary marketing tool.

A Mystery Shopping program will result in your understanding of the ‘actual’ service culture and the selling enthusiasm of your teams.

Why KPI Mystery Shopping

In the Australian market, few mystery shopping providers offer detailed location reports coupled with advanced analytical reporting. Our mission was to fill this void by creating a mystery shopping platform in-house. Our platform is built to be robust, ever-expanding and customisable. With regular campaigns, our clients are delivered a cost-positive mystery shopping experience, which guarantees the best macro/micro feedback, highlighting any staff training deficiencies and allowing you to correct and boost sales. We encourage you to learn more about our Mystery Shopping Platform.

Industries we do Mystery Shopping for

Below is a list of industries we regularly conduct Mystery Shopping programs. Please view your industry for more information and to book your Free Mystery Shop.

–          Mystery Guest for Accommodation

–          Mystery Shopping for Brand Support

–          Mystery dining for Fast Food

–          Mystery dining for Restaurants

–          Mystery shopping for Real estate

–          Mystery shopping for Retail

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