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O.P.S (Operational Preparedness Standard)

  • Are your stores ready to trade to their full potential?
  • Are your multi or single site supervisors consistently covering the business basics?
  • Is there consistency in store visit feedback?
  • Is there bias? Can you believe everything you are told by your supervision team?
  • Can you afford not to know the exact standard of each store’s operational preparedness?

If you answered YES to only some of these questions it is time to consider O.P.S

KPI Retail Services offers a unique outsourced store supervision solution for progressive retailers. The service is known as O.P.S (Operational Preparedness Standard). This groundbreaking service gives retailers the option of replacing the often cost ineffective ‘area management’ supervision level with external retail professionals who provide unbiased, consistent and comprehensive operational audits of one or more store’s in the group on a national basis.

The reports include a scorecard on every aspect of the stores operational readiness along with the necessary corrective action required to get back on track. These detailed reports give senior executives an unbiased snapshot of how each store is positioned to maximise sales and grow the brand. Typically, the client’s own training personnel would follow-up the operational audits with store managers to ensure there is compliance and improvement from cycle to cycle.

There are significant cost savings and operational improvements when replacing the ‘area management’ supervision level with O.P.S.

Key Features of this service include:

Audits are conducted by Senior Retailers who combine ‘old school’ retail experience with cutting edge new age methodology.
Tailored Checklists which include digital images of predetermined aspects of the location.
That give real measurement to performance management programs.
Results available through your secure personalised page on our website allowing for access by authorised personnel from anywhere on the globe.
‘Basics’ checked every visit, unbiased feedback, never impacted by supervision ‘holidays’ or job transition, all of which results in factual information as to the level of preparedness of each location to maximise sales and profitability.
Big savings are on offer when the program is offset against multi site supervision wages. As this is a national service, there are major savings in regards to your current supervision teams’ travel and accommodation expenses.

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