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Other Services

Our other services at a glance

O.P.S (Operational Preparedness Standard)

O.P.S (Operational Preparedness Standard) is our exclusive outsourced store supervision solution for progressive retailers. This unique service gives retailers the option of substituting their often cost ineffective ‘area management’ supervision level with external retail professionals who provide unbiased, consistent and comprehensive operational audits… read more

Retail Training

As retail experts, we deliver effective Training in all aspects of retail. Our Training programs are fully customised to the clients operation then delivered in a dynamic role-play driven style to ensure maximum retention of information by participants. Client’s can choose to enhance the effectiveness of the Training by using our core Mystery Shopper service to provide consistent measurement of training outcome compliance on the shop floor as well as to identify further training requirements… read more

Retail Business Coaching

Our one-on-one Retail Business Coaching is a premium service designed to assist owners and managers to maximise business opportunities. As retail professionals, with vast experience across many facets of the retail business, we identify opportunities and make practical cost efficient recommendations to grow the client’s business. In most instances we make ourselves available to project manage these recommendations to conclusion allowing client’s to keep focused on their day to day operations whilst benefiting from the improvements made to their business… read more

Specialised Retail Recruitment

We offer a Specialised Retail Recruitment service for our existing clients. As expert retailers, with many years of operational experience, our clients can be sure candidates are fully scrutinised, tested and checked before being shortlisted for interviews with them. We view Recruitment as a value add for our existing clients and in the spirit of that relationship charge around half the rate of recognised recruitment companies for what our clients believe is a better service… read more

Specialised Consultancy Services

We offer expert guidance and support on most facets of the retail business, from assisting with site selection for a new store right through to remodelling an existing business and everything in between. Key Specialised Consultancy Services include: Business Planning, Store Set-up, Marketing, Merchandise Management, Store Operations / Systems, Team Performance Management and many more… read more