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An effective program

Why your Mystery Shopping program needs to be effective!

  • Typically, most retailers measure their sales results and related KPI’s by the hour. How often, if at all, do you measure the source of those figures, that being your team interacting with your customers on the shop floor?
  • A Mystery Shopper program is the most effective way of measuring customer service and the selling skills practised by your team because it is done from your customers’ perspective.
  • Only through Mystery Shopper feedback will you be able to precisely target what remedial training and coaching is required i.e. you might have made the surprising discovery that only 1 in 5 of your customers are being acknowledged, or that your team are asking for the sale on only 5 % of the occasions where there was an opportunity to do so.
  • Business is tough, competitors match you on location, range, price and services, you need an edge and that edge is your team performing at an optimum level.
  • Mystery Shopper results are a major performance management KPI for your team leaders and their teams.
  • When you compare the costs of an effective Mystery Shopper program to the sales revenue gains from your teams’ improved performance from the resulting targeted remedial training, you will come to the conclusion that having a Mystery Shopper program in place is simply good business.