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Why choose us as your Mystery Shopping provider

A few reasons why you should choose us as your provider

  • We have over 30 years experience in the retail/service industries.
  • Have successfully completed thousands of mystery shopper assignments covering a diverse range of retail and service industry categories on a regional, national and international level.
  • As Trainers in our own right, we have written, developed and delivered customer service and selling skill training programs. We know what constitutes great customer service.
  • We operate regionally, nationally as well as internationally with some New Zealand and Asian clients.
  • We have experienced shoppers in all major cities and most small regional centres across Australia.
  • We do not charge any extra for branches in remote regional locations.
  • Potential shoppers first have to make it through a rigorous selection process of which less than 5% of applicants are invited to join our team.
  • Shoppers then make themselves available for ongoing training based on the detailed feedback they receive from every assignment they complete. This results in our shoppers continually improving on their performance.
  • Our shoppers deliver the quality and accuracy we demand. As more than 50% of what we bill our clients is paid directly to the shoppers, they know they are valued, and in return prove to be highly motivated shoppers who take their job very seriously.. (As a comparison most of our competitors pay their shoppers less than 30% of what they bill their clients – percentages based on both our competitors and ourselves having the same fee structure to clients).
  • There are no contracts to sign with KPI Retail Services. Our philosophy is simply “you ring we bring” leaving you with no obligation to commit to further cycles and you can even pause the service for any length of time depending on your cash flow or other business constraints.
  • You can have us change your reports for the next cycle at a moment’s notice i.e. changing scenarios, check point outcomes, score weightings, special focus questions and even adjusting analysis requirements.
  • We are famous for our detailed visit commentaries of between 600 and 800 words which provide context to the results achieved on the scorecard, many of our competitors score visits with minimal support information which can be quite dangerous. (See “The Risk in using popular ‘Check Box / limited comment’ style Mystery Shopper reports.”)
  • We run both vertical and horizontal analysis of the individual reports giving you both detailed and consolidated data for each location, the entire group, as well as the period to date covering all previous cycles.
  • Specifically, our horizontal analysis allows for individual check points to be viewed as consolidated results across the entire group making for easy identification of specifically what remedial training and coaching is required.
  • Our analysis reports are designed to your specifications and prepared in a format of your choice saving you time when transferring results to your in-house performance management programs.
  • As reports are completed they are made available online through your secure personalised page on our website allowing for access by your authorised personnel from anywhere on the globe.
  • A full set of analysis reports are made available online at the completion of each cycle.
  • On request, we provide you with a complimentary presentation binder at the end of each mystery shopper cycle which includes all individual location reports as well as a full set of analysis reports.
  • Over 90% of our clients have come to us by way of referral from our other satisfied clients many of which have been with us for years, quite an achievement in what’s typically a fickle market.
  • We provide a premium mystery shopper service at our competitors basic report rates.
  • You pay no more for locations in remote regional areas.
  • The fee for our mystery shopper service varies depending on the volume and frequency of locations visits.
  • All meetings to set up and tailor the program are complimentary.
  • Changes to the content of reports such as check point outcomes or new analysis requirements are complimentary.
  • We offer very effective in-house Training programs to focus and prepare your team, then provide the Mystery Shopper service to keep the team compliant with the Training session outcomes.
  • We also offer an outsourced single or multi store supervision service known as O.P.S (Operational Preparedness Standard) to measure the operational preparedness of a location or entire group.Click here to view our other services