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Mystery Shopping

How our Mystery Shopping program works

Pose as a potential client

Trained mystery shoppers pose as potential customers and are given the same level of customer service team members provide to the majority of their customers.

Completes a scored report

The mystery shopper completes a scored report on the visit or telephone experience and returns it to their employer, the Mystery Shopper service provider. Generally results are posted online for client access.

Report is posted online

The report is then posted to your secure online portal.

Use the results

Clients use the results to identify training requirements and reward their top performers. Many clients use the results as KPI’s in their performance management and bonus programs.

Mystery Shopping programs provide the only practical and objective measurement of customer service and selling skill levels.

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About our Mystery Shopping program

Our clients attest to us having the best ‘Mystery Shopper’ program in the Australian and New Zealand market. When evaluated side by side with other high profile Mystery Shopper providers, the KPI Retail Services offering is the standout in accuracy, detail and value for money.

Each Mystery Shopper report features a detailed visit commentary of 600+ words and highly communicative graphics showing the individual locations trending over the last 6 cycles for every check point outcome on the report. At the end of each cycle, consolidated group results featuring vertical and horizontal analysis are presented in a customised suite of group consolidated reports. These reports are built to the client’s specifications with provisions for minimal reworking on the client’s part in presenting reports directly to their teams. As individual reports are completed they are posted online and secured by password allowing for authorised access only.

What sets us aside from the majority of our competitors is the level of detail we put into the visit commentary for each report. The expansive commentaries detail every facet of the interaction between the shopper and team members during the visit. The extraordinary feedback resulting from these detailed commentaries, along with a customised set of check point outcomes from which the visit is scored, makes our Mystery Shopper report unique in the market for its superior feedback.

The quality and accuracy of our Mystery Shopper reports is the other significant edge we have over competitors. This claim is based on the fact that we pay our shoppers on average 50% of the fee charged to clients. In dollar terms this is double the rate of most of our competitors. We do this whilst still keeping the overall cost to client the same as our competitors. This business model delivers the quality and accuracy we demand from our valued and highly motivated shoppers. In short, our clients receive superior Mystery Shopper reports at budget rates.